Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the online training package?

I-Medical Consulting provides Free ongoing telephone support while you learn, establish, market and implement your programs. This support is included in your subscription of the training platform. Initially, we support your staff & physicians training to assist your practice's optimum comprehension and proper set-up of your new program. Next, we support your marketing and patient education needs through the training of the staff how to set up and manage your patient facing education and communication tools. Finally, we support the integration and utilization of the system into your Standard Medical Practices with on-going consulting support for you and your staff to optimize your practice results.

Who is this training platform good for?

This training platform is excellent for individual doctors, multiple practitioner offices and Managed Service Organizations looking to clinically integrate advanced wellness protocols and additional revenue streams. This risk stratification and wellness model improves patient outcomes and will support the reduction of long-term healthcare costs of patients. The training platform provides a scalable medium that trains all the components of your turnkey wellness program, which has all the tools necessary for identifying, marketing, administration and communication with patients.

What are the investment requirements for implementing a wellness program?

Our turnkey system has no upfront cost, no franchise fees or ongoing royalties and the support tools are web based and have a low monthly ongoing cost. The office marketing and administrative support tools are less than $300 a month which is an incredibly low overhead for such a profitable program. The initial opening order for inventory is low as frequent orders can be placed when inventory is depleted. Since the program begins making cash revenue day one this inventory investment is quickly recuperated and you will be working from a positive cash flow typically within the first 30-45 days.

What is the Practice Analysis?

The practice analysis is a detail evaluation of your current operations and patient demographics. It looks at where you are able to improve billing revenue, reduce administration burden and implement additional revenue streams. This proposal will come with a total combined revenue further broken into revenue centers with a customized action plan for your phases of implementation.